The Boor’s Last Sigh

Sentiments, oversimplified.


Not a love poem

In that haze of blue and white, The strands of gold did gleam. A twinkle in the eyes, A shrug, never more. The flicker of attention, The targets sought and not, Went by in a daze.   The walls each shone, With brittle candour of their own. The air fluttered, making way for that festoon … Continue reading Not a love poem

Local Travails

Oh locals, you disrupters of idyllic Mumbai mornings, You perpetrators of sallow faces and sweaty bodies, And destroyers of trouser creases, This is your doing. Local trains are probably amongst the most chronicled aspects of the city. And also, the most resented. While the thought of wading into and out of a sea of humanity … Continue reading Local Travails

In All Seriousness

In All Seriousness

Elections. The worst ordeal possible for a person with negligible decision making prowess. Their natural appearance annually, if not more often, is thus but inevitable, given my equation with lady luck. With another blockbuster edition done and dusted, I find myself bereft of responsibilities (only those pertaining to the organizational aspect of fests), friends (they … Continue reading In All Seriousness