To be or not to be

Yes, Hamlet happens to rank highly on my list of all time favourite literary characters. The fact that I played his sidekick in one of my school plays has nothing to do with the ranking. I have always felt that Shakespeare’s characters were way more intricately crafted than his plots were. Or is that the case with all the authors? Maybe, that explains his love for naming his works after them, be it ‘Macbeth’, ‘Othello’ or ‘Hamlet’. That they are all works which have inspired Vishal Bhardwaj, aka the director who made Shahid Kapoor make his first genuine attempt at acting in ‘Kaminey’, to come up with three cinematic masterpieces in the form of ‘Maqbool’, ‘Othello’ and recent-yet-not- so-anymore ‘Haider’ respectively, lend a little weight to my belief, albeit saying more about Mr. Bhardwaj’s panache at making character-centric movies work. I bow to thee, India’s literary popstar, Mr. Bhardwaj.

The thing with Hamlet and Co. is that there is a lot of conflict, a lot of questions, the title being just one of the more famous ones.  The past week has made me relate with Hamlet and his tribulations, more than ever before. Apart from the weekly dilemma of deciding whether to extend my short-lived stint as a blogger, the possibility that I might soon run out of idols to rave about or books to trash presents a bigger problem. Anyway, we’ll cross that bridge when it comes.

This week has marked a paradigm shift in many things, least of all being Game of Thrones. As my dear friend ‘V’ rightly pointed out, ‘The Door’ was easily the best episode that the show has come up with since the glorious days of season four. Minus the last 30 minutes of ‘Hardhome’ minus the scene where the Night’s King decided to ape SRK. It was fast-paced, riveting, had minimal scenes featuring Daenerys Stromborn and her forty-nine titles, showed that even Varys could be stunned into silence,  validated the fact that the ‘children’ can go to any lengths to make life miserable for the ‘men’ and established that warts’ contributions to plots did not disappear with ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’. I have my reservations about the cinematography of the last point, but well, whatever works for D&D. I liked the fact that Sansa stood up to Littlefinger, that Arya got to laugh after getting her face smashed for the last four weeks and that Euron Greyjoy finally showed up. The actor reminds me of Uncle Vernon, and that takes the fizz out of the threats, but then who cares about what happens on Pyke anyway. Onto Bran, who’s clearly the man of the moment, with more (meaningful) scenes than all previous seasons combined. Max von Sydow may have had a hand in that, but that’ll sadly not be the case from next week. Thank you Baazigar Night’s King. A fitting closure for our favourite stable boy too, as he lived up to the name which had defined his existence. RIP Hodor, your eloquence shall be missed. A bit of a letdown if you’ve read ‘The Great Other under the crypts of Winterfell theory’, but then again, not all fan theories come true. That Bran had a hand to play in Hodor’s mental state opens up avenues for some truly exciting possibilities (Bran and the Mad King). The game is afoot and if the starting episodes are anything to by, Game of Thrones is firmly in the middle of one of its strongest seasons.


Which brings me to my very own adventures in the holy city of  Nashik, thanks in respective order, to my sudden love for my branch and the resultant decision to work in a well known company in the same, and the extremely transparent workings of one of the more proactive divisions of my college. Moving on, the past week has been nothing short of an eye-opener. Practice School, or PS, as it is ‘lovingly’ referred to by everyone at my alma mater, is supposed to be an introduction to the workings of the industry. Encapsulated below are some tidbits from the immense enlightenment that I’ve been showered with in my first week at my reputed company:-

  • People talk. A lot. Everywhere. About everything.
  • The Conjuring 2 is a rip off of Ragini MMS2. Also, Haunted 3D is not to be watched alone.
  • The American spelling of auxilliary is auxiliary. The British spelling of auxilliary is auxiliary.
  • Electrical, Electronics, Manufacturing and Communication Engineering is a single branch of study.
  • Whatever you do, the Neembu Paani on Thursday is not to be missed.
  • Real companies can and do operate at the speed of a typical MuP or CP video lecture, minus the entertainment.
  • Move over 4Rs. It’s all about 5S now.
  • The leaner the company is, the bulkier its pockets get. There’s some hope for me, after all. Or not.
  • Daily targets are not meant to be achieved daily.
  • There is not a single good blog on ‘How to while away your time at office?’
  • “BITS Pilani? Woh Mumbai waala?” Only if that were true.
  • There’s something inherently creepy about all the Chaudharys that I’ve or will ever meet.
  • Every company has a stud. It just takes him 20 years to attain that tag. But not a new identity card.
  • Bandra Reclamation and BKC have excellent avenues for fans of aces and David ‘Miller’.
  • Formal T-shirts exist. Are commonly known as shirts.
  • I will never have the luxury of having a normal roommate.
  • ‘Hello dear’, ‘Mi Boltos’ are perfect ways to start a formal conversation on the phone.
  • There’s a thin line between an ‘official’ and a ‘bhidu’.
  • CFOs are busy people. Even for LinkedIn. And yes, are not to be mistaken for PAs.
Excitement levels (23-28th May). No prizes for guessing what the peak stands for.


On a slightly serious note, I’ve been appalled by the sheer joblessness that we, as interns have been subjected to. We are paid to sit at a desk for 8 hours, 6 days a week, doing nothing, apart from sporadically blatantly copying things. The sheer lack of work, and the pathetic internet, renders one incapable of doing anything else, even at ‘home’.  If this is how things work, this is a frightening glimpse into the worlds that most of our fathers have been a part of for nearly two decades. We may have had a few orientations, learnt a few new terms, taken an Ola to work, but if you ask me if I’ve learnt anything, in my one week as a semi-professional, my answer shall be the Ex- Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch’s standard reply.





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