Rime of a Diwali pe Beghar

Hypothetical Setup:

Chords- G D E minor C. Hopefully.

Strumming Pattern- DU-DU-DU-DU. Just a strumming pattern. Honestly.

What you’ll need:

  1. A Broken Heart/ Voice
  2. Patience
  3. Kenny Sebastian’s silky vocal cords.


Onto it. No, you won’t need a guitar.


It’s Diwali, 

I’m not home,

No Celebrations, (Sorry, Cadbury),

I’m sober and alone.


It’s Diwali,

OASIS is gone. (Just the ‘cultural’ aspects of the fest, mind you)

Gone are the DJs and the pickup lines,

All we have left is the strumming pattern.


It’s Diwali,

And I’m trying too hard.

It might be genuine boredom,

Or frustration at losing my ID Card.


It’s Diwali, 

It’s also a Sunday.

Like pining for Rohit Shetty,

When you already have Michael Bay.


[Croon here, if you wish to.]


It’s Diwali, 

I’ve watched ADHM.

Ranbir and his ‘dard’ are real,

It’s best to be friends. (Is it?)


It’s Diwali,

Shoaib Akhtar’s been tweeting.

Conjuring new words (Hunar+Honour= Hounour)

Leaving Everest ‘concerned’. [The bouncers just keep getting better.]


It’s Diwali,

I finished ‘Train Dreams’. 

Like reading Korean Subtitles,

While watching Russian films.


[Begin to sound sad. If you haven’t already.]


It’s Diwali,

I’ve been doing some cleaning.

My Local Disks are clutter free,

Just need defragmenting.


It’s Diwali,

I’m working on a project.

Telling rectangles from ellipses,

With me drawing, the dataset may be inept.


It’s Diwali,

And I’m done. (Just with the song. Lest you were getting too ahead of yourselves)

Until tweaks and changes to the plan,

#DiwaliDinnerWithFriends is on.


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