Damn, figuring out a way to get rid of that condescending default About message, took way more time than it should have.  Nonetheless, here I am, with my technological ineptitude in tow.

Tall. Brooding. Handsome Vain. Three adjectives that sum up the essence of my existence.  Of life and other meaningless things does a fairly decent job at deconstructing my love for life and peers.

Currently in the middle of the 22nd year of my sporadically eventful existence, I am pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani. As if life wasn’t tough enough already.  A devout Roger Federer fan, I aspire to be the amalgamation of Harvey’s nonchalance, Rust’s monologues and Jaime’s honour. And Tyrion’s one-liners. Amongst others.

I read a lot. I love Classic Rock. I dabble in R. And I can’t talk about myself for more than a minute.

Read the blogs, will you?


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