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Local Travails

Oh locals, you disrupters of idyllic Mumbai mornings, You perpetrators of sallow faces and sweaty bodies, And destroyers of trouser creases, This is your doing. Local trains are probably amongst the most chronicled aspects of the city. And also, the most resented. While the thought of wading into and out of a sea of humanity … Continue reading Local Travails

The Year That Was

The Year That Was

Imagine being told a year ago, that in an year from then, Rs. 1000 notes would be illegal and that Donald Trump would be the president elect of the United States of America. You would have probably laughed it off. I know I would have. It's been a unique year, with regard to the sheer … Continue reading The Year That Was

Another brick in the Wall

No poetic citation to kick off proceedings today. I had intended to convey a lot in the previous post. And convey I did, albeit a tad too randomly. Maybe, trains are just meant to be thought in, and not written about. Or maybe, I am a sucker for philosophical meandering. Or people loved Ta-ra-rum-pum. To … Continue reading Another brick in the Wall