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The Boor’s Last Sigh

Sentiments, oversimplified.


Local Travails

Oh locals, you disrupters of idyllic Mumbai mornings, You perpetrators of sallow faces and sweaty bodies, And destroyers of trouser creases, This is your doing. Local trains are probably amongst the most chronicled aspects of the city. And also, the most resented. While the thought of wading into and out of a sea of humanity … Continue reading Local Travails

Rime of a Diwali pe Beghar

Hypothetical Setup: Chords- G D E minor C. Hopefully. Strumming Pattern- DU-DU-DU-DU. Just a strumming pattern. Honestly. What you'll need: A Broken Heart/ Voice Patience Kenny Sebastian's silky vocal cords.   Onto it. No, you won't need a guitar.   It's Diwali,  I'm not home, No Celebrations, (Sorry, Cadbury), I'm sober and alone.   It's … Continue reading Rime of a Diwali pe Beghar

Thankfulness, revisited

  This morning, as I trudged back to my room, From a test, and hence submerged in gloom, The date finally struck me. A day when the grossly underappreciated get their due, If only on Facebook, And attempts like these.   English teachers were always my favourites, And I, in most cases, theirs. Every essay, … Continue reading Thankfulness, revisited